Want your own blog?

Adding a blog to the Joomla framework is as easy as can be and you can use your blog to create useful articles for your clients.

To keep your clients coming back you really need to be providing them a resource where they can get what they need from your website, this may mean documents or information.

Having your own blog hosted on your own website gives you a platform to write useful articles that answer your clients questions without them having to call you, and of course the search engines love blogs as there are lots of keywords and unique content.

If you have a social media account, then you need content to share, and not only does it make sense to share your own articles because they are about you, this will also give your website a boost on the search engines with quality unique information linking back deeply into your own domain.

Remember though, you need to have unique articles because if you cut and paste, you will be penalised for duplicate content.



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