Social Media plays a large part of your business marketing and as part of managing daily activities you will need to manage your social media pages.

So lets talk about Facebook, but in reality they are all similar.

A well managed Facebook account will produce results and can keep your local community up to speed with what your business is doing and drive sales for well targeted promotions.

To be efficient with Facebook you will need to get into a routine with the following areas. To get the very most out of Facebook, like all areas of your business you need to manage it well and be consistent.

Below is a simple daily, weekly, biweekly routine which you should get into the habit of, or at least develop your own version.

Each day you should check the Facebook page for comments, messages and leads. Sometimes you will find a negative comment, do not fall into the emotional trap here and unless the post may cause you harm, simply leave it. Most people see negative comments for what they are and admire a business that doesn’t react to them. If you feel it is a critical issue, simply hide the comment so they still think it's live and their friends see it, but nobody else can. Be careful of blocking users or having angry outbursts and this may start a war against your business, which is not a good outcome.

Each week you should post an article of interest to break up the constant array of product and service related ads. This can be a technical related article about new technology, a crime related article for your area etc., or whatever will match your business. If you sell buttons, they may be articles about the latest sewing machines, only you know what is relevant to your business and what will interest your followers.

You will find these articles by:
Subscribe to local relevant pages and sharing relevant posts
Subscribe to industry pages and share relevant posts
Subscribe to industry web pages and share relevant pages

Two times per week you should introduce a new relevant product or service. You should offer free useful advice that helps your targeted clients and don't be scared of DIY advice that you feel may cost you sales, as your target demographic will probably still want you to do it. For example carpet cleaners should show people how to clean stains, most people will clean the easy ones but in reality they will still want the carpet cleaned.

You should also spend some time with targeting and demographics, if you sell dog grooming, it is no point advertising to people who don't have dogs, or advertising surfboards to people in central Australia etc. Understand your target market.

You need to understand what gender buys your product and where they live. For example if you have a home based beauty salon in Brisbane, you will unlikely make money advertising to men in Hobart, but if you sell SD cards online, then both genders and all locations are ok, work out what is the best for your business, make a plan and start doing some trials.

For small businesses that do not sell online, generally about 10 - 20km in any direction if your marketing zone and will give you the best result.

Remember incorrect targeting is throwing money away and can be seen as spamming people. The rule here is that if it is not interesting, it is annoying.

Read my page on testing and measuring to make sure you get the most out of your marketing dollar.



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