Don’t get dragged in by those websites with the build your own tools as you will never own your site and if they decide to change the way they do business, you lose your site.

If you need a simple one or two page website to reflect who you are that stands out in the crowd? Something you own and have full control of?

I will work with you and custom build you a beautiful website that reflects who you are, with the colours and images you want with pricing starting at just a few hundred dollars for a template version and more for a 100% custom page.

You will keep ownership of it and once I have finished you are welcome to manage it from then on.

Keep in mind with many of these simple sites they are not quite as easy to modify as time goes on without some knowledge in FTP and HTML, however in most cases you will be fine, and I am always here to make the changes you need.

Like all of my work, I will give you training and written cheat sheets to help you stay self sufficient.



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