Here you will find some of my short help videos on the basics with Joomla. I have not added any advanced or even intermediate functions as this section is purely for Joomla newcomers who are looking for the most basic assistance or guidance.


Editing a page or as Joomla describes it, an article

Each page in Joomla is an article and once you know where to find it, it is as simple as writing an email or word document. Check out this simple video showing where to find this feature.



Editing or renaming a Menu Item

Each menu item in Joomla can be renamed by changing the Menu Title attribute or linked to a different article. For example if you wanted to completely change a page but keep the same Menu Item, simply write a new article and log into the Menu and link the Menu item to that article, this video will show you where to find the Menu item and how to link to a different article.


Creating a New Page and new Menu Item

Here you can learn how to create a new page and then a new menu item which allows you to expand your website.


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