If you want a specialised commercial shopping site capable of hosting tens of thousands of products, then the Magento2 platform is for you.

I have over a decade experience in Magento and access to my own team of customisation experts in this highly specialised field.

Magento2 gives you a powerful backend and a virtually infinite array of options, including reward point systems, automated marketing systems, multiple payment types like Afterpay, PayPal, Credit Card and the list goes on.

Magento2 is in my opinion the most powerful solution available, however it is more complex to setup and manage.

Keep in mind these websites come at a cost and it is not uncommon for large companies to spend tens of thousands of dollars per year just keeping them up to date with security vulnerabilities and the latest global privacy laws, but if you want to smash out thousands of products and thousands of sales per day, this platform can handle it.

Once you are in this league you will generally need someone or even several people managing the website due to the large amount of transactions and product/server updates.



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