When you buy your domain name and rent your server space you will have thousands of choices, with many that may end up bad for you. For example, most servers are located outside Australia, which means your website will probably be slow, annoying and not popular as nobody likes a page that takes 10 seconds to load. This can also cause loss of search engine placement as Google may think you are a Russian or American business and not show you in Australian searches, or at least not as high on the rank.

You can check the speed and performance of websites with these tools.



Make sure you select Sydney as the server location so you get the results inline with what your clients will see, you can also run the same websites from an OS server and see it adds quite a few seconds onto the page load time.

Do you think this page is fast? That is because it is hosted in Sydney on a hand picked server known for speed and reliability which is just a matter of choice and only costs a few dollars per month more.

I have seen this happen to so many businesses over the years, do not fall for this trap, make sure your hosting account is in Australia.

If you decide to run scripts or any special features on your site, which almost all webpages do, you cannot just get space and hope for the best. Firstly, you need to decide if it is Linux or Microsoft environment, running cPanel or Plesk, get this wrong and you have blown your cash as they are not really cross compatible.

Then if you decide you want extra features with a scripting language like php (the most common), you will want a Linux server running cPanel with php, and as I write this, probably version 7.2 or 7.3 and that the php is correctly configured or your site will be glitchy and show error messages.

This is where I can help you.

I don't normally charge to set all of this up for my clients, when you hire me to design your website all of this is included, because to be fair, getting this right makes my life much easier and it just takes an hour or two to do it. If you do not use me for your web design, I can still help, but there will be a small fee.

The message here is clear, have a plan on what the website will be written in, make sure your server matches and get an expert to configure it, then you and your clients will be happy.



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