Don't pay thousands of dollars for your website with no guarantee that you will even end up on Google or the other search engines. As I do this as a hobby you will always pay less with me, guaranteed.

1-5 Page Static Website

A static site is a page that is built and does not have any back-end management system behind it like WordPress or Joomla etc. For these pages one page is considered as a screen, so if you have a long page that has scrolling, you may be charged for several pages depending on length.

Only $250 first page and $150 per page after that


Advanced CMS Website

These sites have a back-end where you login and you can add/remove pages, add/remove images, add new menu items and move things around, you can even change your colour scheme. These are the recommended option as you will have full control and can manage your own site. You can also add lots of advanced features to these sites. These sites can have infinite pages and include shopping carts etc.

Only $600 - $1,000 Depending on Template


Website Review

I will completely review your website and let you know how well it is built and how well it is likely to perform.

Only $50


Graphic Design

I can design brochures, alter images, and perform almost any graphic design.

Casual $50 per hour

My clients $35 per hour


Setup of server

Free to my clients


Training on getting to first page on Google

Free to my clients


For Marketing packages, I normally prefer to work with you so you can take control quickly and pricing is variable.



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